NTU Communicative Chinese (by National Taiwan University )

This course is developed by teachers at NTU's famous International Chinese Language Program (ICLP). Based on the theory of "Syntax for teaching a second language" and the hands-on experiences accumulated over several decades, it is rich in content and advanced in design. The lessons are organized according to communicative functions and includes topics such as greetings, praise, inquiry, explanation, apology, etc. ( more... )

MyCT - Chinese for Travelers (by National Taiwan Normal University )

Covering 50 topics based on actual experiences in Chinese-speaking countries , Chinese for Travelers helps you acquire real life conversations and communication skills to make your trips in Chinese-speaking countries more successful and fruitful. For intermediate-beginning learners, Chinese for Travelers clearly explains how to use vocabulary, phrases, and conversational patterns from rich cultural viewpoint. After working through Chinese for Travelers' authentic materials and task-based oral practice, you will have a much easier time dealing with the challenges of traveling in Chinese-speaking countries ( more... )
MyCT - Survival Business Chinese in 10 Days (by Ya-Chuan Yu, Wharton Business School)

Of course, you won't be able to conduct your business negotiation in Chinese after learning the language for just 10 days. But speaking some simple Chinese is always a nice ice-breaker. By saying "Ni Hao" instead of "hello" when meeting your Chinese customers for the first time, you can show them that you are sincere. By addressing your Chinese employees with "Da jia hao" instead of "hello everybody," you can show them that you care about them. By saying "Tai guei le" instead of "it's too expensive," you show your supplier that you are not as naive as they thought. This course is developed by Ms. Ya-Chuan Yu, who has been teaching Chinese at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.( more... )